STT GDC India reveals renewable energy procurement

For years many people were ignorant of the energy sources and how they affect the plant we all reside in and future challenges. A few years back, experts and environment-conscious individuals began a campaign to educate the people on what we were doing to ourselves. Recently, many governments are working towards a net-zero emission target which explains the sudden move to renewable energy and electric cars. Companies joined new ventures, governments kicked off environmental-friendly projects, organizations began climate conservation campaigns, and other individuals urged people to change for the best, all for a cleaner planet.

ST Telemedia Global Data Centres India, popularly known as the STT GDC India, recently announced a deal with Avaada MHKhamgaon Private Limited to procure at least 99 million kWh of renewable energy via a captive structure. The private company is a subsidiary of the famous Avaada Energy Private Limited.

The company announced that the 99Mus would manage its facilities in the Maharashtra state. STT GDC India claims that about 34% of the electricity for all their facilities comes from renewables, making the company one of India’s most significant renewable energy users in the data centre operation sector. The initiative to partner with Avaada Energy and other renewable energy goals result in an annual CO2 emission reduction of 456,500 tonnes by 2025. This move will help India as its struggles to implement policies that urge people to invest in renewable energy products.

It is a considerable capacity reduction which equals removing over 90,000 passenger fuel-powered cars from India’s road in a year. Sumit Mukhija, the CEO of STT GDC India, stated the matter, claiming that the company has a history of striving towards sustainable and innovative practices. The CEO explained since the company was founded, it demonstrates actions that help society.

The decision to join in this partnership reflects on STT GDC India’s commitment to sustainable practices that will direct companies in the data industry in the same direction. Henceforth, the company has decided that all the existing and upcoming projects will source significant power from carbon-free sources.

Currently, the company is working with energy regulators, power generation companies and government agencies to explore the best places and banking regimes that can help the company achieve a 100% renewable energy target. Sumit stated that Avaada Energy understands excellence, and it will come in handy as the company works on the carbon-reduction mission.

This initiative sets a new sustainability level in the data sector and motivates other firms to venture into the clean energy business. The Green Initiative is part of the corporation’s journey to achieve a net-zero emission goal in its products and operations.

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